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Our aim: Tanzimyar’s aim is to resolve issues within the public sector of Iran through facilitating the development of innovative and technology-oriented businesses

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Business solutions

Tanzimyar monitors emerging global trends within public and technology sectors, and accordingly, proposes contextually informed solutions through engagement with local innovators.

Team Building

Policy entrepreneurship is the driving force of our approach towards transformation. At Tanzimyar Studios we draw on our expertise to provide specialist training programs to the next generation of policy entrepreneurs and help innovative teams to develop into sustainable businesses.

A platform for entrepreneurship

Our mission at Tanzimyar Studios is to develop businesses that address people's concerns through solving issues within the public sector. In line with this aim, Tanzimyar is ready to provide consultation to entrepreneurs, academics, and policymakers who share our ideals.

Business development

Drawing on the expertise of the best business consultants in Iran, we accompany your business in every step of its journey, from idea formulation to implementation, fundraising to business development.


About Tanzimyar

We seek to address issues within the public sector through fostering business development; Our mission is to elevate public services through establishing businesses that generate sustainable incomes. Tanzimyar provides a platform for innovative teams that share our ambition. Tanzimyar accompanies innovators in every step of their journey from ideation and validation to team building and business development.

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Setting up and developing your business with the help of Tanzimyar

Developing and expanding ideas is a key aspect of our approach towards business development and a key competency of Tanzimyar. Our policy entrepreneurs continuously monitor and examine issues within the public sector, targeting those at the forefront of people’s concerns. After identifying problems, based on evaluating market capacity at national and international levels and reviewing similar ideas in Iran and around the world – through techniques such as holding focus groups, Tanzimyar determines the effectiveness of proposed ideas. The output of this process is a one-page business proposal, including an initial draft of the business model and design of the MVP.
During this stage business ideas would be further developed and verified through engagement with wider public institutions and stakeholders. The validation process includes the fine-tuning of the problem statement and our proposed solution for addressing the issue. Tanzimyar provides a platform for connecting political entrepreneurs and public institutions and facilitating communication between these groups. During this stage, the initial idea takes a further step towards forming an MVP and preliminary product designs are made.

Tanzimyar’s goal is to find market-oriented solutions to problems within the public sector. For a business to be successful in such endeavors, firstly it is necessary for there to be sufficient demand on the market for that good; Secondly, the business must be approved by the appropriate public institutions; and finally, the business must find its place within the value chain and its relevant ecosystem within the private sector. Tanzimyar’s platform facilitates connections between policy entrepreneurs and private sector actors. After this stage, we would have an idea of the position of the business within the value chain and would thus be able to define a sustainable business. Finally, during this phase the MVP is finalized and put forward for receiving market feedback.

During the developmental phase, in addition to implementing the incremental process of product refinement, we start marketing and promotional activities to attract customers. During this stage the technical dimensions of the product are further developed, and the product is modified based on customer needs. The goals of this stage are the finalization of the product, marketing, and initiating the introduction of the product to the market.

In the fifth and final stage of business development, the team and its structure are finalized. The product is actively marketed, and support and sales modules are added to the teams and further steps are taken to attract new customers. After this stage, the team is ready to leave Tanzimyar.

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