Energy Yar

My fuel quota system

Ayrik Sharif EnergyYar Company is a provider and developer of a supply and demand mechanism that can create a composite market in various fields. For its first venture, in line with its strategy of creating a market mechanism for goods with mandated and subsidized pricing the company entered the energy market. The first product of this company was the Benzar system – later renamed My Benzin system based on the suggestion of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. This system provides the first online market for gasoline quotas and provides services for managing various aspects of the fuel subsidy cycle, from allocating quotas and subsidies to buying, selling, and transferring quotas via digital wallets, among other aspects related to this market.

A fairer way for allocating fuel subsidies

Allows individuals to exchange fuel quotas according to their needs

Data-driven regulation of the energy market

A technological solution for optimizing subsidy allocation



Risk free micro-investment in the housing market

Metrina is a token-based platform for the real estate market founded on the basis of blockchain technology. This platform enables micro-investment in real estate through the purchase of metric tokens of real estate. The utilization of blockchain technologies for Metrina, on the one hand increases transparency within the market, whilst on the other, ensures the security of exchanging property tokens. The development of the legal foundations for exchanging of property tokens has greatly enhanced the potential for safe and legal investments in the real estate market. Through Metrina, you can protect your capital via buying tokens by the meter, whilst gradually becoming a homeowner.

Enables micro-investment in the real estate market

Increases transparency by the virtue of introducing blockchain technologies to the market

Enables the exchange of real estate metric tokens through legal instruments and legal contracts

The possibility of trading and exchanging real estate tokens as a secondary market.


A platform for training managers in data science through gaming scenarios

Badam is an interactive platform for teaching data-driven decision-making through practical examples. Badam’s lessons demonstrate the necessity of basing decisions on data rather than intuition by teaching data science concepts and methods from elementary to advanced levels for a variety of groups including students, managers, and policy makers in the public and private sectors. Additionally, Badam provides a platform for academics to devise interactive lessons and form a virtual community of Persian speaking data scientists.

Data science lessons based on game scenarios

Enabling self-educations in data science for time-constrained professionals

Interactive data science lessons

Learning data-driven policymaking through real-life situations


Sharif-Yar transformation technologies

An online platform for identity verification through continuous evaluation and data analysis

Regulatory technologies promise a new platform for aligning digital platforms with public interests. The identity authentication platform of the Iranian judiciary was the result of a collaboration between the private and governmental sectors for finding a constructive solution for meeting citizen’s needs through enhancing competition.

Through connecting private sector brokers and the judiciary, this authentication system facilitates a ranking of brokers, a smart data-driven method for improving the brokers’ algorithms, a definition of key indicators of dynamic performance, and the classification of different classes of users.

Nonetheless, Sharif’s revolutionary technologies are not only limited to the field of identity authentication, and after the successful implementation of the Tarz for identity authentication, we seek to further develop and implement this technology for other legal and judicial services.

An online platform for authentication

Designing and evaluating competitive solutions for partnerships between the government and private sector

Continuous evaluation of artificial intelligence authentication solutions

Provider of technological solutions for legal-judicial services


Towards a smarter healthcare market

Behbood’s platform increases the quality of medical services through utilizing the capacity of medical experts, whilst providing medical centers with the latest developments in smart healthcare technologies from across the globe. Iran has a largely untapped potential for AI medical technologies; Yet the growth of this sector is contingent on the existence of a wider platform that familiarizes medical imaging centers with the latest in the field. Behbood provides a platform for the development and commercialization of AI healthcare applications by providing a reliable and smartly designed interface between AI innovators and medical centers.

A platform for the development and commercialization of artificial intelligence programs in the field of healthcare

Provides non-radiologist medical professionals with the required information from medical images

Improves the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of medical image analysis

Improves the digital infrastructure of the health sector for providing efficient and cost-effective services.


Net meter

An Interactive simulator for measuring Internet tariff demands

“Are users fully aware of the budget they allocate for the Internet?”; This was the question that provided the impetus for the “Net Meter” simulator. By matching the information provided by users, “Net Meter”, indicates the position of the user in terms of internet consumption in Iran, and additionally, provides a platform for comparing internet costs across the world. “Net Meter” by informing citizens about the significance of the Internet tariffs, as well as measuring the price elasticity of Internet demand, helps the private sector and policy makers to make informed decisions regarding suitable policy solutions for the challenges related to Internet tariffs.

Facilitating the development of policy solution regarding Internet tariffs

Internet cost comparison with other countries

Measuring the price elasticity of Internet demand

An Interactive platform


A smart mechanism for protecting intellectual property

In the digital age, the protection of intellectual property would not be possible without relying on the latest technological developments. To resolve challenges facing intellectual property, Shenas-Yar is developing a system based on automatic content recognition (ACR) technology. This artificial intelligence-based technology monitors video content to identify the infringements of intellectual property, and thus, prevent unauthorized publication of copyrighted content on social networks and platforms.

An AI solution for protecting intellectual property

Utilizes artificial intelligence and fingerprint technologies

Prevents the publication of audio and video content without the consent of the owner

A platform for the registration and identification of local content.



A documentation technology for electronic evidence
Dataap’s electronic evidence documentation system is a platform for collecting, accessing, and citing electronic evidence left by natural persons and presenting them to the courts. With the help of this system, all electronic documents (on social networks and messaging services) including screenshots of chats and posts, personal profile contents and virtual channels, can be cited in cases of internet fraud, and intellectual property infringements. This system greatly increases the accessibility of real time information and can enhance the trust in the judiciary process.

Facilitates the citation of social networks and messaging services contents in courts

Recording and instant access to electronic evidence

Facilitating and accelerating legal and judicial processes

A technological solution for the citation of electronic evidence